Mass antigen testing as a source of infection of Sars-COV2

The government of Slovakia pushes people to be mass antigen tested. They make big crowds, that are place of infection spreading. Mass testing is not voluntary, but compulsive. If you dont go to test, you cant go to work, travel, go shopping, go to nature, school. The tests are big business for Igor Matovič and his close people and friends. They bought tests from the company, that was created by people  connected to party SaS and Richard Sulik.


Here you can see photo from mass antigen testing. People must test every week, many of them are tired, psychically devastated, exhausted. This what happens in our country is similar to totalitarian regimes like in North Korea. People are pushed against will to test, to be vaccinated. If you dont have negative test, you are not allowed to go to doctor, hospital.



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